For over than 12 years the Digital Video Productions Agency is following the wave of the new technologies and surfs on the digital networks. Recognized for its seriousness and presence, the DVP team treats your image in a good way. As a real expert in this new “digital” wave, our team breathes a new wind in your strategic aims, virtually anticipates your goals and sublimes your prospects into images.

Yesterday in the addition of media technologies, today we are in the interconnection of traditional media and the digital world, creating a real resonance with your ambitions.

The information and the contents immediately pass through multiple supports. Brand content storytelling interferes every day on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. Everyone is both information mediator and actor. Each company must now anticipate this digital revolution of the knowledge economy.

dvp agence de communication audiovisuelle agence marketing video


Based on customizing your brand and relevant combination of communication tools, DVP has developed a 360 ° strategy and turns your target project into interactive marketing.

We create the dialogue and, aware of usages and expectations of your interlocutors, we tailor their favorite communication channels. This embodiment allows a sustainable and stable customer relationship.

Our media experts will realize all your movies and event creations. Retransmission on several digital media completes the entire strategy. Each used media will maximize the range of your message. The complementarity of their combined actions creates synergy and enhances the impact of your image.


The origin of this adventure, that of Christophe Lemoine who cooperates for 25 years with prestigious companies in the audiovisual and television.

In 2003, aware of the rising tide of new technologies in Morocco, the emerging country he knows well and where he perceives all the future potentials, Christophe Lemoine sets his company in Marrakech and Casablanca, the cosmopolitan and economic capital full of virtuality.He creates Digital Video Productions and soon imposes a sleek, rich and artistic style. The agency DVP rapidly acquires a real reputation and national credibility for the quality and originality of its films.

In 2007, driven by this momentum, Digital Video Productions diversifies its services and creates what is now one of the major touristic media windows: TV Marrakech, the first kingdom of web TV.

In 2013, with this reputation and a constant demand, the agency inaugurates its new office in Casablanca relying on new markets such as digital media, web TV and broadcast solutions. Today Digital Video Productions becomes DVP: a new identity adapted to a demanding world more dynamic and swift.

dvp agence de communication audiovisuelle agence marketing video

Reflection / Design

Digital marketing 100% oriented, DVP offers numerous tools upon 360° to promote your brand. We offer digital strategy services: web/mobile, social media. The prices are reasonable, statistics are endless and our skills are valuable!


We propose a new way of thinking advertising by adopting the new codes of the society. DVP agency develops concepts, creates stories and integrates expectations and behaviors of public, in order to offer the brands strategies tailored to both targets and new media. We propose to use subtle humor, surprise and web culture to capture attention and to develop real advertising, marketing and digital campaigns. Not to mention the traditional content and new trendiness: Brand tells, storytelling, TV commercials and web fictions, corporate movies, web documentaries, etc.



Broadcaster or distributor of your digital new content generation, we aggregate, process and distribute audiovisual content with biggest media platforms while ensuring the contractual interface between editorial and marketing rights holders and broadcasters.